Cake smash Photography - How to have the best cake smash session Ever!!

My home-based photography studio is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California.... I specialize in newborn, baby, and most of all CAKE SMASH photo sessions. There is no better job in the world than smashing cake with a little one to celebrate their first year of life! Here are a few things you can do to make sure your cake smash photo session goes as smashable as possible ;) 

1- DON'T STRESS. This is the most important... babies can sense their parents energy. Some children don't like to get messy, and some kids will not smash a cake..... that is okay! We will still get cute pictures regardless. 

2- THE CAKE- This is probably really the most important. Please bring a VANILLA cake that is either whip cream frosted, or buttercream frosted. Please stay away from fondant... it is not smash-able and will not get messy and is a choking hazard!! Do not get any hard candies on the cake either, that is also a choking hazard. 

3- THE OUTFIT - This is your child's time to shine... I always suggest an over the top outfit. Something fun and adorable and colorful! A diaper cover, suspenders and a bow tie is always an adorable outfit for the boys, and a tutu, ruffle romper, diaper cover and pearls are always great options for the girls. A website I recommend for fun birthday outfits is or you can always use . Please know that your childs cake smash outfit will most likely be ruined from them getting good and messy from the cake! 

4. THE THEME - Pick an adorable theme, if you're not sure what, you can always look through for ideas! Search '' cake smash girls '' or ''cake smash boys'' and you'll see tons of cute themes! Let me know your child's cake smash theme or color scheme at least 2 weeks prior to their session so i can be sure to have an adorable set up ready to go. 

5. PRE SESSION - I cannot suggest enough, introducing your child to sweets prior to the cake smash session is a super smart idea! If you sit down a baby in front of a large cake whos never had sweets before, chances are they will be scared and less likely to dig in. If they've had sweets before, well.. they'll know what they're up for and chances are they will dig in. Please make sure you schedule your kiddos session around nap time, and make sure they are fed before the session and healthy! Rescheduling if they are sick is 100% necessary. 

6. BRING FOR THE SESSION - Bringing along their favorite snack is a good idea, a water cup because kids get thirsty eating cake! Diapers, wipes, and extra changes of clothes are also important to bring along, although i will have back up wipes if you need them. If you are planning on having your child do the after cake splash bath, please bring along a towel and some soap. (Please let me know the day before the session if you would like to do the post cake smash bath). Upgrade bath charge applies.